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PAGE presents...

A sequel to the hilarious 
"Cheaper by the Dozen"
Frank P. Gilbreth, Jr. and
Ernestine Gilbreth Carey

PAGE now announcing
Audition Dates
for this 2017 play 

PAGE has chosen Belles on Their Toes for their
March 9-12, 2017 play production. 

This play is the sequel to our 2015 production of Cheaper by the Dozen. It is a comedy based on a real 1920's American family named Gilbreth. The play was dramatized by William Roos from the book written by Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey, two of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth's dozen children.

PAGE's cast wish list including age and number of lines is as follows:

Mrs. Gilbreth: 30-45 yrs old; 60 lines
Anne: 17-20 yrs old; 197 lines
Ernestine: 16-20 yrs old; 167 lines
Martha: 15-20 yrs old; 154 lines
Lillian: 10-14 yrs old; 36 lines
Frank: 15-18 yrs old; 87 lines
Bill: 14-18 yrs old; 77 lines
Fred: 10-12 yrs old; 21 lines
Dan: 10-12 yrs old; 19 lines
Jack: 10-12 yrs old; 16 lines
Bob: 10-12 yrs old; 12 lines
Tom: 40-60 yrs old; 103 lines (see note)
Mr. Hathaway: 50 plus yrs old; 36 lines
Leora: 40 plus yrs old; 84 lines (see note)
Dr. Bob: 20's; 43 lines
Al Lynch: late teens-early 20's; 40 lines
David Loring: 20's; 19 lines
Mr. Crawford (policeman): 40 plus yrs, 13 lines

Note: Tom should be shorter and/or weigh less than Leora who is a plus sized woman.

Those interested should come to the library's Flora Room on one or more of these dates:
September 17, 24, 25 from 1-4pm
October 23 from 1-4pm

Save these dates for call-backs/cast announcements/rehearsals:
November 5 from 1-5pm; November 19 from 2-5pm

For further description of the cast, call the director Julie Hamer at 503-630-3934 or email julie7@cascadeaccess.com

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Estacada, OR 97023